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How do I return a Naki powerbank?

Once you are at a Naki Power Station with open slots, simply insert the battery. Within moments the app will recognize the return and your rental period will conclude.

How long does it take to fully charge my device?

On average, it takes 60 minutes to charge a mobile device from 0 to 100%, but this might vary slightly depending on your device.

How many "charges" does each powerpank provide?

Each powerbank can provide two full charges on average (from 0 to 100%).

Can two people use the same powerbank?

Yes, certainly. Feel free to share, though the devices will not charge as quickly if you charge them simultaneously.

Can I re-charge the powerbank myself while I have it rented?

Yes, if you'd like to keep the powerbank longer, re-charge it, and use it multiple times, you may.

Can I rent more than one powerbank at a time?

At the moment, you can only rent one powerbank at a time. Looking to rent for a friend? Have them download the app as well!

Can I use a Naki powerbank to charge devices besides my mobile phone?

Yes definitely. You can charge any device (phone, tablet, some laptops) which have either a Lightning connector (Apple products), Micro USB (Android devices, cameras, other electronics) or USB-C (Type 3, for newer Android devices) cable.

What if I lose or damage a Naki battery?

The maximum charge for lost or damaged batteries is €30 which will be charged to your account on file if the battery is not returned after 5 days.

Can I take the powerbank with me when I leave a venue?

Yes! We've created a network of power stations so that you have the option to take the powerbank with you and return to another location as you wish.

My device is already dead! How can I access the app to rent?

You will find a cable on the back or side of the Naki Power Station which will give you enough power to activate your device and the app, and initiate your rental.

I've plugged in my device, but it isn't charging.

Please ensure the powerbank is turned on by tapping the power button on the side. You should see blue LED lights turn on. If it still is not charging, you can return the device and try another (you won't be charged for the first powerbank). We ask that you please notify us if this happens, so that we can check on the functionality of the battery as well.

Why won't my Naki app connect?

Please ensure you have an active internet connection with a strong signal. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.

When I scan the QR code on a box, nothing happens. What's wrong?

Check that you see the box has a flashing blue light in the middle. If you notice no lights, or a red light, please try asking a representative at your venue to assist. They may need to check that the box is plugged in and turned on, and that the server is properly connected.

"The Naki app shows a box is available to accept returns, however, the box is not accepting my battery. Or, the box has accepted my battery, but the app has not recognized my return. What should I do?"

Please check that the light in the middle of the box is flashing blue. If not, please try asking a representative at your venue to assist. If you are still having trouble, please contact us.

How do I check the charge level on the powerbank?

Turn the powerbank on and see how many lights are on at the front.

How am I charged for using a Naki battery?

You will be charged to the account you have on file based on the duration of your rental. Rentals are priced as follows: First 30 minutes: ,50c Up to 10 hours: ,50c/30 minutes 10-24 hours: €5 1-6 days: €5/day Maximum price: €30 Please note the duration is rounded to the nearest half hour (e.g. 30 or 60 minutes).

How do I pay for my rental?

We currently accept visa and mastercard credit and debit payments. You can set these up within the Payments section of the app. Additional payment methods are soon to come. Visit our contact page and let us know if you have feedback on this!

How do I add or modify a form of payment?

Within the app's menu page, select Payments. There you will see options to update your card information.

I would like to dispute a charge and/or request a refund due to an issue with my rental. How can I do this?

We are sorry to hear that you've had a problem! Payment disputes and refund requests must be submitted within 30 days of the final transaction. To submit, please email us: and include the email associated with the account, the date of the transaction, and a description of your issue.

How do I obtain an official invoice for my rental purchase?

Email and we will reply within one week.

I would like to install a Naki power station in my venue. How do I get started?

Please complete the form on our Venues Page and we will get back to you within one week.

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